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A test using crossfilter.js, d3.js, and dc.js

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A test area for crossfilter.js, d3.js and dc.js

This is a set of code to play around with genomic data using

  1. crossfilter.js - a javascript library for analyzing data across different slices
  2. d3.js - a javascript library to present visual graphs or data relations
  3. dc.js - a javascript library that ties crossfilter and d3, in an easy to use way. (great for a lot of projects)


  1. Download, fork, clone, whatever, from
  2. Compile the coffeescript into javascript. See included bat file, or run: coffee --compile --watch --output js\generated coffeescript
  3. Point a web server to your source directory and browse it. (Lighttpd on Windows works for me.)

Enjoy... Jaz Singh