Full Stack Web Developer

Primary Developer Skills (Sorted by skill level)

  • JavaScript/ES6+
  • HTML/CSS/Sass/Less
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • React
  • D3.js
  • Linux
  • Meteor.js
  • ReST/WebSockets
  • c++
  • git
  • MySQL



Software Projects

This Site - Source code for this site (React, Gatsby, D3.js).

Dexcom Android Wall Panel - Displays graphical data of blood glucose readings. Implemented with React Native.

Practical React Tutorial Class Code - Practical React Tutorial code for team development classes.

Simple Meteor Chat - Deployed on Heroku, so wait a few seconds to launch.

Meteor presentation for MadJS - Presented at MadJS, Meteor Madison, Meteor Raleigh Durham meetups.

Jazeee Meteor Spiderable - Spiderable package for Meteor with caching and other support features.

Arduino Tardis Motion Detector - Fun project. Arduino Motion Detector that plays a Tardis sample and manipulates the lights.

Raspberry PI Node Playground - This is some play around code for my Raspberry PI.

NodeSchool Solutions - NodeSchool workshop solutions (ReRun) for team development


Instrument Control via Web Interfaces at Web Design Meetup

Madison WI on 2013-07-15

Presenter, Co-Organizer of MadJS Meetup

Madison WI on 2015-10-01 to 2016-09-12

MeteorJS (First Presentation)

MadJS - Madison WI on 2015-05-11

MeteorJS (Second Presentation)

Meteor-Raleigh-Durham Meetup - Durham NC on 2015-08-25

Scientific Instrument Control and Visualization

Cary NC on 2015-12-08

Scientific Instrument Control and Visualization

Madison WI on 2016-09-12

CoffeeScript Tips and Tricks

Madison WI on 2015-12-14

Lightning Talk

Durham NC on 2016-06-14


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